[Hair quality improvement treatment in Nagoya] Reduce summer damage and regain beautiful hair!

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[Hair quality improvement treatment in Nagoya] Reduce summer damage and regain beautiful hair!

[Hair quality improvement treatment in Nagoya] Reduce summer damage and regain beautiful hair!


[Hair quality improvement treatment in Nagoya] Reduce summer damage and regain beautiful hair!

In this article, we introduce "home care" and "hair quality improvement treatments performed at beauty salons in Nagoya" to reduce hair damage caused by summer UV rays and swimming pools and improve hair quality.


COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY is located a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station and offers hair quality improvement menus that are close to customers' scalp and hair problems.


Summer is finally here. I want to enjoy summer to the fullest! However, there are many people who are honestly concerned about hair damage such as UV rays and swimming pools.

It takes a lot of time and money to make your hair shiny again. Also, even if you take sufficient measures, your hair will be damaged to some extent, and above all, it is painful not to be able to enjoy the summer because you care about your hair too much.
So in this article, we will introduce you to how to suppress summer hair damage and how to improve it.

How to repair hair damage from summer UV rays and swimming pools?

In order to repair hair damage caused by summer UV rays and swimming pools, it is important to perform basic home care, preventive measures, and take appropriate measures when damaged.

Basic hair care method to improve hair damage that can be done at home

First of all, let's take a look at basic home care to improve hair damage at home, not just in summer. Basic home care is also important to reduce the accumulation of hair damage.


Using the right shampoo
Choosing the right shampoo for your hair type and condition is important to improve damaged hair. If you use a shampoo with too strong detergency, you may wash away the ingredients necessary for your hair and scalp.


Use a hair mask or treatment
It is important to use a hair mask or treatment to moisturize and nourish your hair. Apply it all over your hair, leave it for a certain amount of time, and then rinse it off. Follow the instructions on the product and use it properly.
There are multiple types of treatments, so you need to choose the right one that suits your scalp and hair.


Limit Heat Styling
The use of heat styling tools is one of the causes of hair damage. Avoid using it as much as possible, or use a leave-in treatment or hair oil when using it to protect your hair.
However, it is important to dry the hair dryer after washing. Absolutely NG! After drying thoroughly with warm air, finally remove the heat with cold air. By doing so, you can prevent hair damage from residual heat.


Gentle Brushing and Hair Care Caution
When brushing your hair, it is important to be gentle. A stiff brush or rough brushing can damage your hair. Use a soft brush or wide comb to gently comb your hair.

How to protect and improve your hair from summer "UV damage"

Next, we'll take a look at the main ways to protect and treat your hair from summer "UV damage."


Choosing the right hair care products
As with basic hair care, it is necessary to choose the right hair care products. Ultraviolet rays damage the cuticle on the surface of the hair, making it easier to dry the hair. Treatments that contain ingredients directly linked to moisturizing the hair, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, are recommended.


Use of hats and hair accessories made of UV-cutting materials
It is effective to use hats and hair accessories made of UV-cutting materials to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your hair. By covering the entire hair, you can minimize the damage from UV rays.

Treatment and care to improve "pool damage"


Next, we will look at how to improve hair damage caused by pooling. For pools, chlorine and chemicals can damage your hair. Care should be taken with this in mind.


Wash your scalp and hair with a post-pool shampoo
There is excess chlorine and chemicals left on your hair and scalp after swimming. After swimming, it is important to shampoo your hair thoroughly and keep it clean.
* In the pool where shampoo is prohibited, let's shampoo after returning home


Treatment that nourishes the hair
It is recommended to use a hair quality improvement treatment that can nourish the hair from the inside instead of a superficial treatment that temporarily coats the outside of the hair. Consult with a professional stylist at a beauty salon, get a treatment at the beauty salon, or ask them to tell you about the treatment that suits your hair condition.


Chlorine in hair moisturizing care
pools can dehydrate and dry hair. Therefore, it is important to moisturize your hair after swimming. Use a moisturizing hair mask or oil to moisturize all over your hair. Pay particular attention to the ends of your hair to prevent dryness.


Hair brushing and gentle hair care
Gentle hair care is necessary to improve pool damage. When brushing your hair, use a soft brush or wide comb to avoid damaging your hair. It is also important to use low-temperature air when drying hair to prevent heat damage.

Points to enjoy summer hair and recommended items

I understand that it is necessary to put more effort into hair care than usual because it is summer when hair damage increases. In addition, we will introduce points and recommended items to enjoy summer hair.


For hair coloring, it is recommended to use a coloring agent that contains treatment ingredients
Summer is the season when hair damage increases due to UV rays and hair color tends to fade. It is recommended to choose a coloring agent that includes a treatment to reduce damage to the hair and scalp as much as possible.


It is recommended to style your hair in a bun
In the summer, the heat and humidity can make your hair spread easily. In such a case, use a hairstyle that collects your hair. Combining your hair in upstyles and ponytails not only gives you a clean look, but it also reduces damage to your hair.


Recommended item: "Amino acid-based" shampoo
Select an important shampoo not only for summer but also for basic home care. Shampoo is important to wash without damaging the hair and scalp, so that the necessary ingredients can be left.
Therefore, we recommend shampoo with amino acid-based cleaning ingredients. A characteristic of amino acid-based products is that many of them have mild detergency. Therefore, you can wash without removing the oil content of the scalp more than necessary. In addition, the amino acid ingredients wash and replenish the nutrients of the hair at the same time, so it not only prevents damage but also moisturizes the hair.


★ COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY recommended amino acid shampoo "COTA i CARE Shampoo"

Importance and benefits of professional care in beauty salons

Up to this point, we have mainly introduced prevention and care that you can do yourself. However, in order to improve summer hair damage more effectively, it is important to receive professional care at a beauty salon as well as home care.
The reasons why you can effectively improve hair damage by receiving professional care at a beauty salon are as follows.


Hair salon stylists with specialized knowledge and skills have specialized knowledge and skills regarding hair. Therefore, you can receive appropriate advice on the cause of hair damage and how to improve it. In addition, treatments and hair quality improvement programs are customized according to the condition of the hair, so more effective results can be expected.


High-quality products and treatments
Beauty salons use high-quality treatment products and care items. These products are rich in nutrients and repairing ingredients, and have the effect of improving damaged hair and leading to a healthy state. In addition, you can maximize the effect of the product by performing the treatment by a stylist with specialized knowledge.


Variety of treatments
Beauty salons offer different types of treatments. Depending on the condition and problems of your hair, you can choose a treatment that is specialized for moisturizing, repairing, nourishing, etc. Through consultation with a stylist, you can choose the most suitable treatment for yourself.


There are other benefits of going to the hairdresser as well.


Relaxing effect and healing
You can enjoy a special feeling separated from everyday life at the beauty salon. Relieve stress and daily fatigue, spend a comfortable time, and not only damage your hair, but also refresh your mind.


Long-term hair health maintenance
Treatments and hair quality improvement programs at beauty salons not only improve hair damage, but also maintain hair health over the long term. By receiving regular care at the beauty salon, you can prevent hair damage and keep your hair healthy.


In this way, by receiving treatment at a beauty salon as well as home care, you can improve hair damage more effectively and regain healthy hair.


If you want to enjoy summer to the fullest, but are worried about hair damage, please try COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY's hair quality improvement treatment!


How was it? Have you found a way to reduce or improve summer hair damage that suits you? In summary, it looks like this:


Do not neglect basic home care


Use hats and hair accessories made of UV-blocking materials to prevent UV damage in the summer.


Shampoo after swimming to remove chemicals from the scalp and hair


Use common nourishing shampoos and treatments


Receive professional care at a beauty salon in addition to home care


If you want to receive professional care at a beauty salon, we recommend "hair quality improvement treatment"


Please try the care method that suits you and enjoy summer with your ideal hair!

"Beauty hair treatment course" to improve hair quality received at COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY, a beauty salon in Nagoya

COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY is a salon specializing in improving hair quality in the Meieki area. If you are thinking about summer hair damage care at a hair salon around Nagoya Station, please consider our hair salon!

-Features of COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY hair quality improvement “beauty hair treatment course”-


We use organic chemicals that match each customer's hair quality and condition to achieve the original luster of hair.


Detoxifying the scalp and hair creates a state in which nutrients are delivered to the hair.


With a "hair quality improvement beauty treatment salon" that matches the condition of your hair, you can thoroughly care for the inside and outside of your hair, and reproduce soft touch and glossy hair.


Cockney's original head massage promotes blood circulation and improves the scalp environment.


We propose a style that is unique to you, taking into account your individual balance and ease of care through structured cuts that match your bone structure and hair quality.


In aftercare, we give advice on ideal hair care methods and intensive care at home.