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This page explains how COCKNEY HAIR & BEAUTY (hereinafter referred to as "this site") handles personal information. Visitors to this site (hereinafter referred to as "users") are deemed to have agreed to this privacy policy when using this site.

privacy policy


Scope of Application of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the handling of personal information acquired by this site when users use this site in all services belonging to this site. and companies that provide information and services through this site.

Definition of terms

Personal information refers to personal information stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Act, that is, information that can directly and indirectly identify a specific individual.

Acquisition of personal information

In this site, when users can freely send information (inquiry forms, etc.), when users send personal information voluntarily, or without the user's consent, except for the scope presented by this privacy policy We do not collect or disclose personal information. Information that cannot directly identify an individual user, such as the user's IP address, visit date and time, user agent, and browsing path, may be automatically recorded by servers, web beacons, etc. on this site. This site uses cookies to improve user convenience, records information on the user's computer that cannot directly identify the individual user, and only the information recorded on this site is used by the user may retrieve that information from your computer.

Purpose of use of personal information

Information provided by users may be used and disclosed as statistical information for the purpose of service improvement, research, etc., to the extent that individual users cannot be directly or indirectly identified.

Provision of personal information to third parties

When accessing a service provided by a third party through this site, user information may be acquired and provided for the purpose of information collection by cookies, web beacons, etc. based on the privacy policy of the third party. there is.

Your Choices Regarding Providing Personal Information

If the user does not want to provide information acquired by cookies to this site and services provided by third parties accessed through this site, the user can disable the cookie acquisition function of the web browser. You can refuse to provide cookie information.

Manager of personal information

Personal information provided by users within the scope managed by this site and information equivalent to personal information is managed by our company, the operator of this site, based on this privacy policy.

Inquiries regarding personal information

If a user requests deletion of "personal information within the scope managed by this site", the administrator will promptly respond.