A hair salon in Nagoya that provides hair improvement and organic hair treatment

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Meieki Nishiki Building 1F, 3 chome-20-20, Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
[business hours] Wednesdays-Saturdays 10:00-20:00 / Sundays and Holidays 10:00-18:00
[Closed] Mondays, Tuesdays and New year holiday season


The hair salon in Nagoya is aiming for glossy hair that lasts forever


Proposing hairstyles that match each person's bone structure and hair quality 

We aim to improve from the core of the hair, not temporarily, and we have been operating with the idea of ​​providing beautiful and glossy hairstyles forever. Our highly skilled staff, including the owner who trained in London, ascertains each customer's bone structure and hair quality, and proposes easy-to-maintain hairstyles.
We also improve hair quality for men as well as women. We provide services that help improve the quality of your hair, such as using high-quality materials and naturally-derived chemicals. In addition, many foreign customers come to our shop, and it is an international hair salon where English is spoken.

Aiming to be a hair salon loved by people of all nationalities, providing courteous services 

We aim to be a hair salon loved by a wide range of people in Nagoya in a warm and homely atmosphere. We have highly skilled staff led by the owner who trained in London. Many foreign customers come to the store, so the store has a rich international atmosphere with English conversations. Each person's bone structure and hair quality are different. Among them, we will identify the characteristics of the customer in front of us and provide a special hairstyle that makes use of the customer's ideals and characteristics.
In order to restore the health of the hair itself, we do not compromise on materials. We use high-quality products that do not put a burden on the customer's hair, such as naturally-derived ingredients and silicone-free products. We have various menus with the theme of keeping youthful hair forever, not only for women but also for men.

We aim to be a hair salon rooted in Nagoya in a location close to the station. 

We are open in a good location that can be reached on foot from Nagoya Station. We have operated in a location that is easy to commute to because we want you to use it many times at a community-based store. Please feel free to visit us on your way home from work or between shopping on holidays. If you make a reservation in advance from the phone or website, we will guide you without waiting. Please visit us according to your schedule without being bound by time or place.
In spite of the many foreign customers and the international atmosphere where English is spoken, the polite and detailed service has been well received by the locals as a beauty salon that is closely related to the community. Regardless of nationality or gender, we will work together with our customers to help them face their hair concerns and aim to improve their hair to be healthy, glossy and beautiful.

Let's have fun and work together!

COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY believes that staff satisfaction is very important.
We believe that a well-equipped staff will provide the best service for our customers.
Would you like to create a fun salon together at COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY?                                                    
There is no need to worry if you are a mid-career assistant or have a blank
Little by little, you will become stronger.
 For new graduates, there is a plan to debut as a stylist in three years
Let's make a fun salon together!
Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.
It's ok to just visit!
TEL: 052-433-2254, MAIL:

Making the best use of the customer's hair quality to make their ideals come true

Do you have any concerns about your hair quality or hairstyle? In addition to standard menus such as cuts, colors, and perms, we also have a wide range of menus that aim to improve the scalp and hair from the depths of the scalp and hair, such as head spas and treatments. By thoroughly understanding the customer's concerns, bone structure and hair quality before the treatment, we propose a menu that suits each individual, so please feel free to contact us.
In particular, the course menu is a special care course that restores beauty from the inside of the hair through nutritional supplementation and hair detoxification. The aim is to improve the quality of the hair with each treatment, so the more you repeat the treatment, the more you can maintain a glossy and beautiful hairstyle.

Send popular menus and hairstyles 

The staff updates the blog with a focus on popular menus, trendy hairstyles, and news. In order to provide beautiful hairstyles that will last for 10 years, we are constantly reviewing and improving our menus, so we will deliver information on new menus as soon as possible. We will also provide information on trending hairstyles and colors along with photos, so please refer to them before visiting our store.
We will also send you information that will be more useful than usual. Because we are serious about hair quality and hairstyles, we are able to provide various useful information to our customers. We also have an article about the inside of the store so that you can imagine the warm atmosphere more closely. You should be able to feel how we are particular about creating a space so that you can relax and receive treatment.