Opened a hair salon in Nagoya that offers services rooted in the local community in a good location right next to the station

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Meieki Nishiki Building 1F, 3 chome-20-20, Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
[business hours] Wednesdays-Saturdays 10:00-20:00 / Sundays and Holidays 10:00-18:00
[Closed] Mondays, Tuesdays and New year holiday season


Run a hair salon rooted in Nagoya that can be used in any scene 


Operates as a hair salon in a convenient location that is easy to visit on the way home from work or while shopping 

As a hair salon loved by local people in Nagoya , we are open just a short walk from the station. Decorated with plants, the natural atmosphere of the exterior creates a sense of calm and cleanliness that makes it easy for both men and women to enter. Even though it is located in the city, you can feel at ease with its friendly storefront. The surrounding area is lined with bustling station buildings, restaurants, and offices. You can use it in your daily life without hesitation, such as stopping by on your way home from work or between shopping on holidays.
It is important to visit us regularly in order to aim to improve the hair and scalp itself to the original glossy. Because it is a location that is easy to visit for a long time, you can experience the joy of changing to beautiful hair every time you repeat the treatment. From Nagoya Station, it is located immediately after going through Unimall underground. Therefore, it is a location that is easy to commute on hot summer days and cold winter days without getting wet in the rain. First of all, let's talk about your hair troubles and ideal hairstyle together. We are responsible for suggesting hairstyles that suit our customers.

A treatment that restores the beauty of the hair itself is provided at a hair salon in Nagoya 


It is located in a short distance from Nagoya Station through an underground mall, and operates as a hair salon that is used by people working in the area and surrounding areas. Please feel free to stop by after work or while shopping on holidays.
In addition to general menus such as cuts and perms, our strength is the total care of the scalp and hair that incorporates the elements of hair salons and spas that restore beauty from the core of the hair.



Phone number
〒450-0002 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Nakamura Ward, Meieki, 3 chome-20-20, Meieki Nishiki Building 1F
Business hours
Wednesdays-Saturdays 10:00-20:00
Sundays and Holidays 10:00-18:00
Mondays, Tuesdays and New Year holidays

Bring back the beauty of your hair in a calm and cozy atmosphere 


Detailed service High technology is well-reputed staff 

We have many staff with sophisticated skills, including the owner who has been involved in the beauty industry in Japan and the UK for over 20 years and has been trained in London. The staff can speak English, so there are many foreign repeat customers, and the atmosphere is bright and international. Regardless of nationality, gender, or age, we value our customers in front of us and strive to bring out the natural beauty of each hair, so please feel free to visit us first.
In addition, in order to provide a hairstyle that suits each person's bone structure and hair quality, pre-treatment counseling is essential. If you have any concerns about your hair or scalp, please let us know. We will propose menus and courses that help you get closer to your concerns and aim for improvement. We listen carefully to what the client thinks is the ideal hairstyle, and then strive to bring out the client's beauty while making the most of their bone structure and hair quality. We are also particular about creating a space so that you can spend a relaxing time in the store with a calm atmosphere based on brown.

We have been operating as a hair salon in Nagoya that is trusted by many people regardless of nationality or gender. Because it is located right next to Nagoya Station through an underground mall, it is a location that is easy to use even on rainy days. Please feel free to visit us after work or between shopping on holidays. If you make a reservation in advance, we will respond without waiting time, so we are looking forward to your inquiry on the website or by phone. We strive to create a comfortable space with a white natural exterior and a warm and homely atmosphere so that customers can relax and use it.
In addition, we provide hairstyles that fully draw out the charm of each customer by carefully understanding the hair quality and ideal figure of each customer. Through careful counseling and hair diagnosis, we will guide you to the style that suits you. In addition to cuts and perms, we also offer a wide variety of hair beauty treatments and treatments that restore the original luster and beauty of your hair, so please feel free to contact us. We will treat each person responsibly and responsibly. Many foreigners use the hair salon, which is full of international atmosphere and English is spoken.