you will feel it! The best hair straightening experience

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Beauty salon near Nagoya Station | Experience it in just one visit! Best hair straightening experience

you will feel it! The best hair straightening experience


For those considering hair straightening, we will explain why you should choose COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY, a beauty salon located 5 minutes walk from Nagoya Station. Our experienced stylists use the latest technology and certified organic chemicals to provide treatments that specialize in improving hair quality. With many highly rated reviews and repeat customers, easy online reservations and first-time limited benefits are also attractive. Get your ideal straight hair with peace of mind at our convenient location near Nagoya Station.


1: Understand the basics of hair straightening

Hair straightening is a procedure that suppresses the spread and frizz of your hair to achieve smooth, straight hair. By choosing a treatment method that suits your hair type, you can condition your hair more effectively. At our beauty salon, our experienced stylists will suggest the best treatment plan through counseling.


2: Access from Nagoya Station

Our beauty salon is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station, making it easy to stop by on your way home from work or after shopping. Easy access is also a big advantage for Misaki, a busy office worker.


3: Safe treatment by experienced stylists

Our hair salon has stylists with extensive experience in hair straightening. Using the latest technology and high-quality chemicals, we perform treatments tailored to your hair type and wishes. This allows you to achieve beautiful straight hair while minimizing hair damage.


4: Customer feedback and track record

We publish reviews and ratings from customers who have actually received treatments at our beauty salon. The high number of repeat customers and high satisfaction rate proves the reliability of our beauty salon. We have also posted before and after photos so that you can see the effects for yourself.


5: Easy reservation method and great benefits

At our beauty salon, you can make online reservations. We also offer first-time benefits and campaigns, so new customers can take advantage of them as well. The reservation process is simple, so even busy people can easily make reservations.

What is hair straightening? Explaining basic knowledge

Hair straightening is a popular treatment method for reducing the spread and frizz of your hair and achieving beautiful straight hair. Here, we will explain the basic knowledge about hair straightening.


1: Definition and history of hair straightening

Hair straightening is a procedure that uses special chemicals and heat treatment to change the structure of the hair. This method originated in Japan and is now widely used around the world. Hair straightening technology has evolved over the years, making it possible to achieve a more natural finish with less damage.


2: Hair straightening process

Hair straightening treatment is broadly divided into the following steps.


Consultation: First, your stylist will confirm your hair type and desired finish, and recommend the most suitable treatment plan.


Shampoo: Removes dirt from hair and prepares it for easy penetration of chemicals.


Applying the chemical: Apply a special chemical to your hair and leave it on for a certain period of time. This agent loosens the bonds in your hair, making it easier to change its shape.


Rinse and dry: Thoroughly rinse off the chemical and dry your hair.


Ironing: Use a hot iron to straighten your hair. This process is the key to hair straightening.


Applying a fixing agent: To fix the shape of the hair, apply a second agent and leave it for a certain period of time again.


Final Rinse and Finish: Finally, wash away the fixative, dry and style your hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair straightening

Hair straightening is an effective way to achieve beautiful straight hair, but it's important to understand the pros and cons. Here, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of hair straightening.


Benefits of hair straightening

1. Long-lasting straight hair
With hair straightening, you can maintain beautiful straight hair with less spread and frizz for several months with just one treatment. Daily hair care becomes easier and saves time on busy mornings.

2. Easy to style every morning
Hair that has been straightened is less prone to sleeping habits and becomes much easier to style in the morning. You can enjoy smooth and straight hair without blow-drying or ironing.

3. Moisture resistant
Even in humid seasons or rainy days, hair that is straightened will be less likely to spread out. This allows you to always maintain a beautiful, cohesive hairstyle.

4. Improved shine and texture
Hair straightening smoothes the surface of your hair and increases its shine. It also feels better to the touch, and you can feel the change every time you touch your hair.


 Disadvantages of hair straightening

1. Hair damage
Hair straightening uses chemicals and high heat, which can damage your hair. Proper aftercare is essential. Maintain the health of your hair with regular treatments.

2. Root maintenance is required
Newly growing hair has not been straightened, so regular retouching is required. If you neglect retouching, the gap between the roots and the straight part will be noticeable.

3. Costly
Hair straightening can be more expensive than other hair care treatments. It also requires regular retouching and treatments, so long-term budget planning is necessary.

4. Long treatment time
Hair straightening treatment takes several hours, so you need to set aside time. Especially if it is your first treatment, you will likely spend a long time at the salon, including the consultation.


Care after hair straightening

Proper care is essential to keep your hair beautiful after hair straightening. Keep your hair healthy by paying attention to the following points.


Moisturizing care: Apply regular treatments to keep your hair moisturized.


Avoid heat damage: Avoid using hot styling tools and stick to low-temperature settings.


Continuing salon care: Minimize hair damage by receiving regular care from a professional stylist.


With proper knowledge and care, you can maximize the benefits of hair straightening. At our hair salon, we provide the best treatments tailored to each customer's hair type to achieve beautiful straight hair.

Beauty salon 5 minutes walk from Nagoya Station | Access and convenience

The beauty salon is a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station, offering both good access and convenience. Here, we will introduce its charm.


Advantages of being near the station

1. Perfect for busy office ladies
Our beauty salon's ease of access is a big draw for people like Misaki, a busy office lady working at a company in Nagoya. You can easily stop by on your way home from work or during lunch time, so you can make the most of your time.

2. Ease of access and convenience
Since it is located near the station, it is very convenient to use while commuting to work or school. Hair straightening and retouching, which requires regular hair care, can easily be incorporated into your schedule.

3. Collaboration with surrounding facilities
There are many shopping malls and restaurants around our beauty salon. You can make the most of your day by enjoying shopping and eating after your treatment. We also offer benefits and discounts unique to beauty salons near the station.


Comfortable salon environment

1. Modern and Relaxing Space
Our beauty salon welcomes you with a modern and relaxing interior. We also provide the latest magazines and drink service to make your waiting time more comfortable.

2. Treatment space with privacy in mind
We value the privacy of our customers, so we have a semi-private treatment space. A feature of our beauty salon is that you can relax and receive treatments in a calm environment.

Features and strengths of our beauty salon

COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY, a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station, is a beauty salon that specializes in improving hair quality.
Below we introduce its features and strengths.


experienced stylist

1. London-trained owner
The owner was London-trained and has a lot of international experience. Based on this experience, all of our stylists have a high level of skill and taste, and are able to provide the best hairstyle for each customer.

2. Staff who can speak English
All staff can speak English, so customers from overseas can use our service with peace of mind. Utilizing our international experience, we can handle a variety of hair types.


High quality drugs and latest technology

1. Organic certified chemicals
We use organic certified chemicals that are gentle on your hair and scalp to minimize damage. This will help you maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

2. Patented power steam technology
We use patented power steam technology, which is only available at a few stores nationwide, to increase the penetration power of the drug and shorten the treatment time. This technology reduces hair damage by 70% and irritation during the treatment by 50%.


Hair quality improvement menu

1. Customization for each individual
We provide a customized menu using special hair care products according to the customer's hair type and scalp condition. This gives you soft texture and shiny hair.

2. Detox and Aging Care
Removes dirt from pores that cannot be removed with regular shampoo, promotes blood circulation, and provides anti-aging care with moisturizing effects. This maintains a healthy scalp and hair and enhances the effect of improving hair quality.


Care in the salon and at home

1. Carefully selected treatments
In addition to in-salon treatments, home care is also important. At COCKNEY, we carefully select high-quality shampoos and treatments that our customers can use with peace of mind.

2. Aftercare and follow-up system
We will also provide careful advice on care after the treatment, and explain the next style and appropriate care methods. With a thorough follow-up system, we keep our customers' hair beautiful.

Hair straightening results and customer feedback

COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY in Nagoya has a proven track record of being supported by many customers.


Actual treatment examples

1. Before and After Photos
There are many before and after photos of hair straightening on our beauty salon's official website and SNS. This allows you to visually check the changes after the treatment, and the effect of the treatment is obvious at a glance.

2. Specific treatment process
Each treatment case includes detailed information such as pre-treatment counseling, drugs used, and treatment procedures. This ensures that the treatment process is transparent and creates an environment where you can use our services with peace of mind.


Customer reviews and ratings

1. Highly rated reviews
We have received many highly rated reviews on the review sites and official website of our beauty salon. Customers have left comments such as ``My hair is smoother'' and ``The stylist's technique is amazing'', which shows the high level of satisfaction.

2. Testimonials from repeat customers
Many of our customers are repeat customers, and by coming regularly they maintain their ideal hairstyle. Repeat customers say, ``I can trust my treatment with careful treatment every time.''


proof of trust

1. COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY is an international salon
run by an owner who trained in London and is characterized by its international atmosphere. We have staff who can speak English, and many customers come from overseas. This proves reliability and high technical ability.

2. Introducing the latest technology
Our beauty salon uses patented power steam technology and certified organic chemicals. This allows us to provide high-quality treatments that minimize damage to your hair.


Ongoing care and follow-up

1. Full aftercare
We also provide detailed advice on care after hair straightening. We provide detailed explanations of home care methods and next treatments to help our customers maintain their best condition at all times.

2. Regular follow-up
After the treatment, we will conduct regular follow-up to check the condition of the customer's hair. This allows you to maintain a beautiful hairstyle for a long time.


Reservation method and benefit information

COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY in Nagoya offers easy reservation methods and great benefits.


Online reservation instructions

1. Reservations from the official website
You can easily make reservations from the COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY official website. Click the "Make a reservation" button on the top page and enter the required information. Select your desired treatment content, date and time, and complete your reservation.

2. Telephone Reservations
In addition to online reservations, we also accept reservations by telephone. If you call us during business hours, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and confirm your reservation. Urgent reservations and detailed consultations are also available.


Special seasonal campaigns

COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY is also running special campaigns depending on the season. Details will be announced on the official website and SNS from time to time, so be sure to check regularly so you don't miss out on great deals.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

At COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY, we answer frequently asked questions from our customers.


Preparation before treatment

1. Should I wash my hair before straightening?
Basically, shampooing is done at the salon, so no special preparation is required. However, avoid styling products and excessive stains.


2. How long does it take to straighten hair?
The treatment time depends on the length and condition of your hair, but it usually takes about 2 to 3 hours. By receiving counseling in advance, we can give you a specific time.


Precautions during treatment

1. Will I experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure?
You will rarely feel any pain or strong discomfort during the procedure. However, in rare cases, sensitive people may experience mild irritation due to the effects of the drug. If you have any concerns, please let your stylist know right away.


2. Can I eat or drink during the treatment?
Since it is a long treatment, you are allowed to eat and drink during the treatment. We also offer drink service at the salon, so please feel free to use it.


Care after treatment

1. When can I wash my hair after straightening it?
Please refrain from washing your hair for at least 48 hours after the treatment. This is the time required for the drug to become firmly established. Detailed care instructions will be explained by your stylist after the treatment.


2. What kind of care products should I use after hair straightening?
After hair straightening, we recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and treatment. COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY carries organic hair-friendly products that you can purchase.

5 minutes walk from Meieki Station COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY hair quality improvement and beautiful hair color course

Hair quality improvement: “Beauty hair beauty course” that will make your ideal hair come true

In the hair quality improvement menu ``Hair Beauty Course'', we focus on hearing and decide on the type and content of hair quality improvement treatment according to the condition of the customer's scalp and hair on the day.

Furthermore, when we say "shiny hair," each customer imagines a slightly different kind of shiny hair.
We select the treatment that best suits your ``ideal shiny hair'' from carefully selected treatments to improve your hair quality, such as light and smooth, weighty and shiny.


Glossy color: "Beautiful hair color" that keeps your hair beautiful even after hair coloring

At COCKNEY HAIR & BEUATY, we offer a glossy color called ``Beautiful Hair Color.''
You can keep your hair shiny even after dyeing by adding a treatment to the coloring agent.
Would you like to keep your hair beautiful even after dyeing it with a glossy color?