Hair Straightening at Nagoya Station!

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Hair straightening at Nagoya Station!

Hair straightening at Nagoya Station!


There must be many people who are troubled by curly hair. Curly hair is a concern in many ways, such as limiting the styling options and making you lose confidence. If you leave it as it is, you will move away from your ideal hairstyle and will be stressed.


In this article, we will explain in detail about hair straightening for those who are troubled by curly hair. We will clearly explain everything from the characteristics of hair straightening, how to choose the right treatment to avoid mistakes, and how to tell a good salon from the rest.


By reading this article, you too can achieve natural, shiny, straight hair and become a beautiful person. With the right knowledge of hair straightening and choosing the best salon, you can achieve the curly hair care you've always wanted.

Check out common mistakes and solutions when straightening hair!

1. My hair has become stiff and unnaturally straight

One of the mistakes you should be most careful of when straightening hair is that it ends up with a stiff, dry, unnatural texture. The main reasons for this are the use of chemicals that are not suitable for the customer's hair type, or excessive damage caused by heat during the treatment.

To achieve high-quality straight hair, it is necessary to select the most suitable product for each individual customer. In addition, if you ask a veteran stylist who has treatment know-how cultivated through many years of experience, the result will be a smooth texture without being too stiff.


Because there are large individual differences in the amount of hair spread and wavyness, if we perform a uniform treatment that does not suit the customer's hair type, the hair will not be straightened properly and will end up stiff and straight.

For example, if you use a product with a low concentration of chemicals on someone with very curly hair, it may not achieve the desired texture and may end up with a hard, dry finish.

Our experienced stylists will assess each customer's hair type and the level of damage, and customize the treatment appropriately to achieve straightening that leaves hair with a moist, supple texture.


2. Hair becomes frizzy due to damage caused by chemicals and heat...

Hair straightening does use chemicals and heat, so it can be easily damaged. If the wrong chemicals are used or excessive heat is used, the hair can be severely damaged, and in the worst case scenario, the frizz can spread out.

High-quality chemicals and appropriate heat settings are important, and damage can be minimized if you ask a veteran stylist with years of know-how.


To prevent excessive damage caused by chemicals and heat, it is essential to provide treatments that are tailored to the hair type of each individual customer. Since the condition of each person's hair is different, a one-size-fits-all treatment will not work.

For example, using too much strong chemicals and heat on already damaged hair can cause further damage and lead to extreme frizz.

By assessing your hair type and condition and customizing the optimal chemicals and heat settings, you can achieve high-quality straight hair with minimal damage.


3. There are some strong and weak points

Hair straightening is a treatment that can improve the overall curl of your hair, but there are also cases where unevenness can occur in certain areas.

An experienced stylist will be able to assess the strength of your curl in advance and apply the appropriate treatment to each part, resulting in beautiful, even straight hair.


This is because each person's curl pattern is different, and the strength of curl varies greatly depending on the part of the head. A uniform treatment will result in unevenness in certain areas.

For example, if the hair is particularly curly around the nape of the neck, the treatment needs to be customized to thoroughly treat that area with the chemicals, but conversely, not to be too slack in areas where the hair is less curly, such as the top of the head.

Our experienced stylists can read the unique hair patterns of each customer and apply the appropriate treatment to each section, resulting in beautiful, even straight hair.


4. I was denied hair straightening treatment because my hair was bleached.

If you apply straightening treatment to hair that has already been damaged by bleaching, etc., the damage may become excessive and cause extreme hair deterioration. For this reason, some salons refrain from straightening treatments for people with bleached hair.

However, if you go to a salon with a lot of experience and high technical skills, it may be possible to perform hair straightening even on bleached hair. Although 100% treatment is risky, with careful handling, damage can be minimized and a beautiful finish can be achieved.


This is because an experienced stylist can carefully assess the condition of the hair and appropriately control the type and concentration of chemicals used, as well as the heat temperature.

For example, even if your hair has been bleached in the past, if you minimize damage with a pre-treatment and then use mild chemicals, it is quite possible to achieve straight hair while minimizing the risk of damage.

If you go to a salon with skilled and experienced stylists, it may be possible to straighten bleached hair with careful care, and if all goes well, you can get beautiful straight hair.

What is hair straightening? A treatment that lasts longer than straight perms!

Characteristics of hair straightening and duration of effect

Hair straightening is a treatment method that uses perm solution and heat to change the internal structure of the hair, straightening curly hair from the roots for a long period of time rather than just temporarily.

The biggest feature of hair straightening is its long-lasting effect. For about 6 months to 1 year after the treatment, curly hair is less likely to reversal, and straight hair will last.


The reason is that unlike conventional straightening perms which only straighten the surface of the hair, hair straightening works from the roots to the inside of the hair to change its shape. The structure of the hair itself is altered by the penetration of chemicals and the effect of heat.

For example, if your hair has been properly straightened, it will remain straight even after you dry it after washing it, and will be less likely to frizz when it absorbs moisture. The curl will gradually return to its original shape as new hair grows.

Hair straightening is economical because it keeps your hair straight for a long time and does not require repeated treatments. However, the effect fades after about a year, so you will need to have the treatment again about once a year.


The average price for hair straightening. Specialized stores charge a slightly higher price than the average.

Hair straightening requires high skill and time, so it tends to be relatively expensive. The national average price is said to be around 15,000 yen.

However, the prices tend to be higher at specialty stores and popular salons, as they have staff and chemicals specialized in hair straightening, so you can expect higher quality and more satisfying treatment.


The results of hair straightening vary greatly depending on the quality of the chemicals used and the quality of the treatment. Specialized salons with high-quality chemicals and advanced techniques can achieve a more natural finish with less damage.

For example, if you compare a 22,000 yen hair straightening salon with a 38,000 yen specialty store, the latter will take longer to treat and use higher quality products. With careful treatment by experienced stylists, the difference in the end result is clear.

Although the price is a little higher than the market average, hair straightening salons use high-quality techniques and chemicals to achieve the ideal results. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime treatment, you should choose a salon that satisfies you before skimping on the cost.


The difference between hair straightening and straight perm

Although hair straightening and straightening perms are both procedures that temporarily straighten curly hair, there are fundamental differences between them.

Hair straightening uses chemicals and heat to modify the inside of the hair, resulting in a long-lasting, natural texture, whereas a straight perm only treats the surface of the hair, so the effect is temporary and the texture tends to be stiff.


A straight perm simply involves applying a chemical to the surface of the hair to create waves, whereas hair straightening involves penetrating the chemicals into the hair and using heat to set the shape, resulting in a longer-lasting straight state.

For example, straightened hair will stay straight even after you wash and dry it, but straight perms will gradually regain their curls and waves will appear. Also, straightening hair gives it a more natural texture.

In this way, hair straightening is superior to straight perms in terms of durability and natural texture. If you have the right knowledge and choose a good salon, you can get the straight hair you want.

How to choose a good hair salon that is good at hair straightening

Know the medications you are using

The type of chemicals used in hair straightening has a big impact on the outcome of the treatment. High-quality salons use high-quality chemicals.

The best chemicals and their concentrations are selected based on each customer's hair type. Knowing the chemicals helps you minimize the risk of damage and determine whether you can expect the desired results.

Generally, the more high-quality natural ingredients the product contains, the less damage it causes to your hair and the more supple the texture it leaves.


High-grade drugs contain amino acid components such as hydroxyproline and silk protein, while cheaper drugs tend to contain many highly irritating ingredients.

Checking the chemicals used at the salon and choosing those that contain high-quality, natural ingredients will lead to high-quality hair straightening with less damage. The right chemicals chosen by an experienced stylist are the key to achieving the straight hair of your dreams.


Is it possible to get hair straightening treatment for short hair? I investigated

Hair straightening is generally a treatment for long hair, but it can actually be done for short hair as well. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

Short hair can also be straightened, but it requires more skill. This is because it is more difficult to manage than long hair, and it is harder to apply the treatment evenly.


With short hair, there is less hair remaining, so it is important to use the right amount of heat and chemicals. If you get it a little wrong, you could end up causing excessive damage.

For example, short hair less than 10cm long requires an experienced stylist to do it well. More care is required than with long hair.

If you have an experienced veteran stylist, you can perform hair straightening on short hair without any mistakes. However, because it is difficult, you need to choose a salon that is confident in their skills.

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COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY offers high-quality hair straightening techniques and attractively reasonable prices.

They are particular about the chemicals they use and perform treatments that minimize damage. In addition, they provide thorough counseling and suggest treatments that suit the customer's hair type and wishes.

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In order to avoid failure in hair straightening, it is important to choose a reliable salon. Please refer to this article when searching for a good and affordable salon around Nagoya Station.