[Nagoya x Hair Improvement Treatment] I want to get glossy hair that can withstand the rainy season this year! How to make strong hair even in the rainy season?

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[Nagoya x Hair Improvement Treatment] I want to get glossy hair that can withstand the rainy season this year! How to make strong hair even in the rainy season?

[Nagoya x Hair Improvement Treatment] I want to get glossy hair that can withstand the rainy season this year! How to make strong hair even in the rainy season?


Hello! It is a hair quality improvement beauty salon [COCKNEY HAIR & BEAUTY] located a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station.

The end of May is approaching, and the rainy season is starting to appear.
The weather forecast for Nagoya City, where COCKNEY is located, has increased cloudiness and rain marks.

In this humid rainy season, don't you have a sudden increase in "worries about hair" such as difficulty in keeping your hair together and swells?
Every year at this time of year, we receive more reservations for hair straightening to reduce frizz and swell.

So this time, I would like to introduce you to how to make glossy hair that can't be avoided in the rainy season. door

3 major hair troubles that are easy to repeat during the rainy season

Even people who don't usually have hair problems may feel trouble only during the rainy season when the humidity is high.
First of all, check out the hair troubles that are likely to occur in the rainy season. See if it applies to you.


- hair swell

This is especially true for people with curly hair. Even if you forcibly straighten it with a curling iron, it will not straighten easily, and it will take time to set your hair.


- hair spread

It is a state in which the hair looks spread out, dry and lacks luster. It often happens that even if you use hair oil, etc., it will return as soon as you stand for a few hours.


- Hair that does not stand up

Contrary to spreading, it is a state in which the hair becomes sticky and loses volume. Hair setting becomes quite difficult.

The swell that repeats during the rainy season may be the cause of the pain in your hair.

So, why does it become difficult to manage hair during the rainy season, and why does it become wavy?
One of the major causes is that the moisture balance of the hair is disrupted.


-Moisture balance changes due to humidity

Each strand of hair normally maintains an even balance of moisture, but when the humidity increases, such as during the rainy season, the hair absorbs more moisture than usual, causing the hair to lose its balance and cause the appearance of frizzy hair. It becomes
And the more likely the hair is to be disturbed by this moisture balance, the more likely it is to become frizzy during the rainy season.

Then, what kind of case is the condition of hair that is easily disturbed? There are mainly two points below.


(1) When the natural hair quality absorbs moisture easily

People with straight hair outside the rainy season, people with curly hair even outside of the rainy season, and so on.
People with hair that absorbs moisture naturally are likely to experience strong undulations during this period.


② Damage caused by color, perm, etc.

“Hair pain” can be considered as an acquired cause other than innate hair quality. If you are one of the following and feel swell during the rainy season, it is possible that the water balance is easily disturbed due to hair pain.

・Those who repeatedly color or perm

・Those who frequently use an iron or trowel

・Those who are exposed to UV rays for a long time in a day

Get shiny hair by committing to the root cause with hair quality improvement treatment

Then, what should we do to get the hair that is easy to manage and shiny during the rainy season?
Here are some of the main solutions.


① Improve hair damage with hair quality improvement treatment

The best way to improve hair damage, which is the root cause of uncoordinated hair and swells, is the “hair quality improvement treatment” that is professionally performed at a beauty salon.

Unlike general treatments that temporarily coat the outside of the hair, the hair quality improvement treatment improves the quality of the hair by providing nutrients from the inside of the hair, which reduces damage and makes the hair smooth and shiny. I can.

This method is especially recommended for those who have swells, spreads, and loss of volume due to “hair pain”. By improving the pain of the hair, the disturbance of the water balance due to humidity is less likely to occur, and you can achieve glossy hair even in the rainy season.
On the other hand, if there is a clear swell, it is difficult to completely improve it.


→ Click here for the difference between hair quality improvement treatment and general treatment


② Adjust the appearance by straightening curly hair

As mentioned above, the hair quality improvement treatment only improves the quality of the hair, so if you have strong swells, it may be difficult to improve the swells.
In that case, you can make it look straight by straightening the wavy and frizzy hair to make it straight.
However, although curly hair straightening can reduce the volume of the hair, it is difficult to say that it is the best for creating glossy hair because it is accompanied by damage to the hair.
We recommend that you take care of your hair at the same time.

Find a salon that offers effective hair conditioning treatments

So, can you always get shiny hair if you do hair quality improvement treatment? In fact, even if you say hair quality improvement treatment in a bite, the menu content differs depending on the beauty salon

. hair quality improvement treatment based on the following four points.


① Do you provide counseling?

It goes without saying that each person's hair and scalp condition is different.
Therefore, of course, the appropriate hair quality improvement method for each person should be different depending on the condition
. and improved, the condition of the hair may deteriorate as a result.Therefore
, it is important to find a beauty salon that correctly understands the condition of the scalp and performs the treatment.In other words, one of the points of choosing a good beauty Salon is to “provide solid counseling”.


☆At cockney, after thorough counseling, we use treatments that are carefully selected according to each customer's hair type and scalp.


②Are you using appropriate treatments?

In fact, some treatments can damage your hair. For example, it contains a straightening agent.
Let's check what kind of medicine you are using if it is posted in advance.


③Is it a location where you can commute at least once every two months?

Once the hair quality improvement treatment is done, the effect will not last forever.If you don't continue after doing it once, it will return to the original dry and wavy hair.However,
by continuing, you can get closer to the original luster of your hair. As a frequency, if you can do it at least once every two months, you will be one step closer to glossy hair.
Therefore, the "ease of going" to the beauty salon that you can go to at that frequency is also a point.


④ Can you introduce home care methods and products suitable for home care?

In addition to hair quality improvement treatments at beauty salons, it is important to take care of your hair at home to ensure that you can feel the effects.
As mentioned above, you have to choose a treatment that suits your hair type, and there are Another
point is whether or not they can accurately teach you the correct knowledge such as care methods and care products, rather than pushing them. ☆


At cockney, we will introduce hair care methods and products that suit our customers.


During the rainy season, when the humidity is high, hair damage builds up, making it easier to cause problems.
If you want to get glossy hair even during the rainy season, why not try a hair quality improvement treatment that is professionally performed at a beauty salon?
It would be great if you could find a hair salon that correctly judges the condition of your hair and scalp, chooses the appropriate improvement method, makes it easy for you to visit once every two months, and helps you with home care!

Right next to famous station! Challenge hair quality improvement treatment at a beauty salon that is easy to go to

When you go to the beauty salon frequently, "ease of going" is also very important.

Our hair salon [COCKNEY HAIR & BEAUTY] is a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station, so it's easy to commute

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