Isn't UV rays the only enemy of hair? For healthy hair with hair quality improvement treatment

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Isn't UV rays the only enemy of hair? For healthy hair with hair quality improvement treatment

Isn't UV rays the only enemy of hair? For healthy hair with hair quality improvement treatment


In this article, we introduce "hair damage care due to air conditioning".

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I used to take care of my hair UV protection, but towards the end of the summer, I felt that my hair was brittle, and that the color didn't last long enough, and that it looked and felt dry to the touch. Is there?

In fact, in addition to UV rays, the cause of summer hair damage is "cooling"!

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the causes of hair damage caused by air conditioning and ways to reduce the damage.

Would you like to aim for shiny and smooth “beautiful hair” at the end of summer this year?

Affect your hair and scalp! What is the damage caused by cooling?

Cooling is essential in summer. However, staying in the air conditioner for a long time or being directly exposed to the wind from the air conditioner can cause great damage to your hair.

The reason for the damage is the drying of the air caused by the cooling wind. Dry air deprives the scalp and hair of moisture, resulting in dry hair, split ends and breakage. In addition, the drying of the scalp can lead to scalp problems such as dandruff and itchiness.

3 ways to reduce hair damage

Just because air conditioning leads to hair damage, you can't just turn on air conditioning. It is recommended to adjust the room temperature with air conditioning as one of the measures against heat stroke.

From here, we will introduce how to protect your hair from the damage of air conditioning.

  1. Do not expose the air conditioner directly

    It is important to avoid direct contact with air conditioners as much as possible. If you protect your hair by wearing a hat, or by bundling it with a hair band or hairpin, it will be less likely that the wind from the air conditioner will hit you directly.

    This method is also effective against UV rays in the summer. This is a recommended measure when you go out and relax in an air-conditioned cafe or shop.

  2. Choosing the Right Shampoo or Treatment

    When your hair dries out, the hair cuticles open and the nutrients your hair needs are lost. Therefore, when choosing a shampoo or treatment, it is important to choose one that contains ingredients that nourish the hair.

    Especially when it comes to shampoo, it is easy to be conscious of cleaning, and if you choose a shampoo that is easy to remove dirt, you may wash away the oil and nutrients that your scalp needs. Shampoos with "amino acid-based" cleansing ingredients are recommended because they have a mild detergency and the amino acid ingredients supply nutrients to your hair.

  3. Get hair treatment at a beauty salon

    Making good use of hair quality improvement treatments is one way to reduce air conditioning damage. In particular, hair quality improvement treatments that can be received at beauty salons have specialized knowledge and can be treated with treatments that match your scalp and hair quality. It will protect you.

    In addition, in order to maintain the effect of the hair quality improvement treatment received at the beauty salon, it is recommended to perform the treatment at home.


By practicing the above methods, you can reduce hair damage from air conditioning and keep your hair beautiful.

Popular in Nagoya! Voices of the effect and realization of hair quality improvement treatment

"Hair quality improvement treatment" that is effective in reducing and improving hair damage caused by air conditioning in summer. I will introduce what kind of effect it actually has along with the voice of the person who actually received the treatment.

What is the effect of hair quality improvement treatment?

  1. The hair quality improvement treatment for healthy hair
    replenishes the repairing ingredients inside the hair, repairing the damaged hair. It reduces split ends and breakage and makes your hair healthier.

  2. A supple and shiny hair
    treatment that restores healthy hair and evens out the moisture balance of the hair, improving suppleness and shine. Dryness and dryness are improved, giving the hair a shiny impression.

  3. The hair quality improvement treatment that makes it easier to manage
    makes your hair easier to manage. Swells and curly hair are suppressed, and styling is easy. Your hair will be easier to manage and you may even spend less time styling your hair in the morning.

Voice of real feeling that actually received hair quality improvement treatment

Here are some testimonials from people who actually received hair quality improvement treatment at COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY.

★ I was surprised that my hair became really smooth!

★My hair was dry at the ends, but now my hair is shiny and easy to manage!


Finally, we will summarize how to protect your hair from air conditioning.

Three points!

Do not expose directly to the wind from the air conditioner

● Use appropriate shampoos and treatments

Receive hair quality improvement treatment

This year, let's not only take measures against UV rays in the summer, but also take measures against air conditioning, and let's do our best together so that we can have "beautiful hair" until the end of summer!

Hair quality improvement treatment received at Nagoya hair salon COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY

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Features of COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY's hair quality improvement menu "Beauty hair treatment course"

At COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY, we use organic chemicals and perform treatments tailored to each customer. It detoxes the hair so that it is well nourished, and by taking care of it from the inside and outside, it makes the hair soft to the touch and lustrous.

In addition to promoting blood circulation and improving the scalp environment with our original head massage, we propose a style that is unique to you through structure cuts that match your individual bone structure and hair type. Aftercare includes advice on ideal hair care methods and intensive care.

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