With beautiful hair color, you can have glossy hair that stands out from those around you now and in the future!

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With beautiful hair color, you can have glossy hair that stands out from those around you now and in the future!

With beautiful hair color, you can have glossy hair that stands out from those around you now and in the future!


The dry season has arrived from autumn to winter.
This is also the time when hair-related problems are more likely to occur due to dryness, such as hair becoming dry and easy to spread, or hair that feels frizzy and lacks shine.
Therefore, in this article, we will introduce ``beautiful hair color'' that allows you to enjoy hair color while reducing hair damage.

Recommended for those who have these problems! beautiful hair color

・I want to keep my hair beautiful and glossy even if I color my hair frequently.

・I want to enjoy color without damaging my hair.

- Hair becomes dry and unmanageable due to damage from hair coloring, etc.

- Wavy and lackluster hair

It is especially recommended for those who are concerned about hair damage as mentioned above but still want to enjoy hair coloring.

Enjoy glossy hair and hair color at the same time! What is beautiful hair color?

Normal hair coloring involves opening the cuticle that protects the surface of your hair, allowing only the coloring agent to penetrate through the gaps. Therefore, every time you color your hair, the nutrients it needs are removed from the cuticle that opens, causing damage to your hair.

In other words, while the coloring agent is inserted through the open cuticle, the nutrients and moisture necessary for glossy hair are escaping.

On the other hand, "beautiful hair color" mixes treatment ingredients with the coloring agent, so not only the coloring agent but also the treatment ingredients can be introduced into the hair at the same time.

For this reason, with regular coloring agents, hair damage accumulates each time you repeat the coloring process, whereas with beautiful hair coloring, your hair becomes glossier with each repeated use, and color fading can be suppressed.

Effects you can expect by repeatedly coloring your hair

As mentioned above, beauty hair color can replenish nutrients to the inside of your hair, so you can expect the following effects.

- glossy hair after coloring

- Reduces frizz, dryness, and spread of hair

・Color fading speed becomes slower after coloring

・The effect of plus α treatment lasts longer than usual

*Effects may vary depending on hair type

Get glossy hair that stands out from the crowd! How to keep your hair healthy now and in the future Normal coloring and beautiful hair coloring have very different damage to your hair.
It is clear that hair that has been repeatedly colored normally and hair that has been repeatedly colored will look very different after 1, 5, and 10 years.
I want to enjoy beautiful hair color! While taking care of this feeling, I want to have healthy and glossy hair 10 years from now! It is perfect for those who say.


How was it?
Did you get an idea about beautiful hair color? Take advantage of beautiful hair color and enjoy stylish and glossy hair at the same time!

COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY's "beautiful hair color" that thinks about customers' future 10 years

At COCKNY HAIR & BEAUTY, we perform treatments with the future of our customers in mind. We also offer a beautiful hair color menu that allows you to maintain glossy hair even after dyeing by adding a treatment to the coloring agent.

If you are not sure which treatment is best for you, please feel free to contact us!