Introducing COTA's popular series [COTA i CARE Shampoo]♪

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[Nagoya x Hair Salon] Recommended shampoos are open to the public! #COTA

[Nagoya x Hair Salon] Recommended shampoos are open to the public! #COTA


“Hair Salon x COTA” Recommended Shampoo

Introducing recommended shampoos at Nagoya x Hair Salon! !

Reliable COTA brand

Popular series "COTA i CARE"

Fragrance of fruity rose bouquet

The sweetness of the elegant rose is interwoven with the scent of fruits such as cute apple and peach, and it combines femininity and youthfulness.

#Nagoya #Hair Salon #COTA #COTA i CARE #Shampoo

Today I would like to recommend the COTA brand shampoo, COTA i CARE No. 7 (fruity rose bouquet scent)!

Don't worry about your frizzy hair...

I have bad fingering...


This is for customers who have such troubles! ! ! !

"COTA i CARE Shampoo 7 [Fragrance of Fruity Rose Bouquet)"



While wearing an elegant rose scent and high feminine dignity,

Wear loveliness with the familiar peach and apple scents.

It is such an image shampoo!



Change stiff hair to soft hair and become a soft girl ♪

In addition to a moist, soft and luxurious finish, you can also expect female hormones to be boosted.

[COTA i CARE Shampoo 7] will make such beauty come true! ! !



Purchasing at our store

[COTA i CARE Shampoo 7] ¥2,750 (tax included)

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