[Meieki × Hair Salon] Recommended sunscreen spray

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[Meieki × Hair Salon] Recommended sunscreen spray

[Meieki × Hair Salon] Recommended sunscreen spray


Recommended UV cut spray

Turn off UV spray with soap?!?!

Don't you always use cleansing to remove hand-painted or non-sticky spray-type sunscreen? This time, we would like to introduce you to a cooling-type sunscreen spray that can be easily removed with soap and can even be sprayed upside down!

The season to worry about UV rays has arrived!

I think that many people are starting to take care of UV rays from now on, for May, when the amount of UV rays is the highest in a year.
Therefore, we recommend the spray-type UV care products released by Cuore. 

UV CUT SPRAY N ¥1980 / 80g

Sunscreen that can be removed with soap even though it is a spray. Grapefruit scented

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Contains resident bacteria care type beauty ingredients. → Enterococcus faecalis

anti-pollution care. → biosaccharide gum 4


A spray type with SPF 50+ and PA +++ effects.

Easy UV cut just by spraying after makeup ♪


#Waterproof #Upside down is okay #Hair is okay #Remove with soap #Cool feeling #No stickiness 

#Insect repellent #Deodorant #Grapefruit scent


Please try it!



Compact type, convenient to carry. It can also be used upside down, so you can use the spray on the back of your neck that was difficult to use.

how was it? It's important to take care of UV Rays !

It's easy to use, highly effective, and doesn't neglect skin care.

It comes in a cute package that is easy to carry around for short outings.

UV CUT SPRAY N ¥1980 / 80g


Highly recommended! ! Please feel free to try!


We look forward to serving you with the highest level of hospitality and performance.

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