[Nagoya Station x Hair Salon] Cockney's Relaxation VOL. 7/9

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Meieki Nishiki Building 1F, 3 chome-20-20, Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
[business hours] Wednesdays-Saturdays 10:00-20:00 / Sundays and Holidays 10:00-18:00
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[Nagoya Station x Hair Salon] Cockney's Relaxation VOL. 7/9

[Nagoya Station x Hair Salon] Cockney's Relaxation VOL. 7/9



Improves blood flow to the scalp and neck

lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage at the shampoo stand or at your seat♪

DescriptionHave you ever wished that you could have a lymphatic massage during your head spa? At Cockney, we offer lymphatic massage not only at your seat, but also in the shampoo. While being filled with aroma oil, your scalp will be loosened, and your neck will also be massaged firmly at your seat.


Now let's see how the head spa goes!
We will guide you through the actual process of the finest massage and aging.


Please choose one from several kinds of shampoo. wash the scalp thoroughly

head spa

Choose your favorite aroma or oil scent and massage your scalp while relaxing.

scalp lymphatic massage

Tired eyes start from the tsubo! Most of the customers may fall asleep with comfortable shiatsu!?

move to your seat

Electric massage at your seat

Electric current is passed through the electric pulse to penetrate the scalp nutrients more. It is recommended because it can be expected to be effective for hair growth and lifting.

Lymphatic massage at your seat

It drains the lymph from the top of the head to the clavicle. It is the lymphatic tank around the collarbone that exhausts and accumulates the waste products of the whole body. I'm going to flush the old garbage from above there.


Explanation of effect If you do a lymphatic massage, you can expect to discharge waste products from the body first. As a bodily experience, you can improve swelling and coldness, improve stiff shoulders, and increase your metabolism. Since it can be expected to have the effect of discharging excess water together, the blood will be distributed to the peripheral blood vessels and the body temperature will be increased. Your body will feel warm all the way to the end. You can recover from fatigue!

☆ What kind of menu is actually in it ?

・Premium massage massage ¥5500

・Premium Momihogushi Spa ¥9900

how was it? Cockney's lymphatic massage is one of the most popular menus! !

Improves swelling and cold,

Eliminate stiffness Eliminate stiffness,

Raise basal metabolism.


And relax!!! Only Cockney can do that?!?!?!


Please feel free to visit Cockney anytime.

We look forward to serving you with the highest level of hospitality and performance.


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