[Nagoya Station x Hair Salon] Cockney's Relaxation VOL. 3/9

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Meieki Nishiki Building 1F, 3 chome-20-20, Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
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[Nagoya Station x Hair Salon] Cockney's Relaxation VOL. 3/9

[Nagoya Station x Hair Salon] Cockney's Relaxation VOL. 3/9



3 types of hand massage

hand massage

COCKNEY's hand massage


We offer 3 courses for hand massage.

・Sukkiri course (hands only) ¥1100

・Swelling improvement course (from hand to elbow) ¥2200

・Fatigue recovery course (more hand to elbow) ¥3300

This time, we will introduce the [Refreshing Course (hands only)]!

Refreshing course

Please feel pain and comfort in about 10 minutes.


Now let's see how to do a hand massage!

Let the aroma oil penetrate your hands

Apply aroma oil evenly. Even when applying, apply while conscious of massaging.

From the fingertips to the wrist, massage the front and back firmly

We will proceed with the massage while confirming the patient's pain tolerance. Suppress the corner points, and if there is pain, we will tell you where there is a malfunction and remove the malfunction of the body.

Wipe off the oil and apply hand cream

Wipe off the oil while massaging with a hot towel. In addition, I will apply unscented hand cream to both hands. It is very popular because it is not sticky and waterproof.


All five fingers of the hand have meridian points, so stimulating the entire hand can efficiently condition the whole body. There are many pressure points that are effective for gastrointestinal pain because the liver ledger is gathered in the palm of your hand. After matate, there are many pressure points that are effective for back pain because they correspond to the lumbar vertebrae of the back. So hand massage can be said to be the best massage to fix the malfunction of the body.

☆ What kind of menu is actually in it? ? ?

・Premium Momihogushi Spa ¥9900

・Refreshing course (hands only) ¥1100

・Fatigue recovery course (more hand to elbow) ¥3300

*All prices above include tax.

how was it? Cockney's hand massage is one of the most popular menus! !

You can easily massage your hands while waiting for color.

So you can refresh your body without wasting time!


Please feel free to visit Cockney anytime.

We look forward to serving you with the highest level of hospitality and performance.


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