[Nagoya x Hair Salon] This is the shampoo for the dry season! !

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[Nagoya x Hair Salon] This is the shampoo for the dry season! !

[Nagoya x Hair Salon] This is the shampoo for the dry season! !


[Nagoya x Hair Salon] This is the shampoo for the dry season!

Problems during dry season

The scalp is dry and itchy. Scalp falls and tears. We can help you in that situation.

Do you have a dry scalp or wash with a strong shampoo? Drying your hair too much with a hair dryer can also cause your scalp to dry out. This time is a must-see for such people! We would like to introduce you to the COTA mogul, "COTA SERA Shampoo"!


Shampoo that does not irritate the scalp "COTA SERA Shampoo"

As a medicated shampoo in the COTA SERA, it is the perfect shampoo for those who have scalp problems. It is supported by people who suffer from scalp problems and dry scalp.


① Fragrance

A fresh scent of herbs. The scent is not too strong, so it is also recommended for those who do not like scents.

②Gentleness to the scalp

A shampoo that does not remove too much sebum even though it contains the active ingredient "Pirocto Olamine".

* Piroctone olamine is an antibacterial drug that has been confirmed to be effective against bacteria as well. It is also used as an anti-dandruff shampoo. However, it is now believed to be a possible cause of atopic dermatitis.

In addition, the shampoo contains sodium hyaluronate and collagen, so it has an excellent moisturizing effect.

③ How to wash the scalp

This shampoo is for those who have scalp problems, so please gently wash it with your fingertips.



Cota Sera Spa Shampoo has the effect of suppressing the growth of gold, which adversely affects the scalp, and is a shampoo that can also moisturize the scalp. I think this shampoo has a refreshing scent and is liked by both genders.

how was it? Taking care of your own hair is so important! !

"Not just fashion, healthy scalp..."

Those who dream of such a figure,

Please visit us by all means. We look forward to serving you with the highest level of hospitality and performance.

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