A hair salon where you can have glossy hair in Nagoya

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A hair salon where you can have glossy hair in Nagoya

A hair salon where you can have glossy hair in Nagoya


A hair salon where you can have glossy hair in Nagoya

This is Aoki, the representative of COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY, which is a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station.

Based on the concept of "a hair salon that thinks about customers' 10 years later", it is a hair salon that is seriously working on customer's glossy hair.

This time, I will explain the hair quality improvement beauty treatment salon for glossy hair.

What causes hair damage in the first place?
➁What to do at COCKNEY HAIR & BEAUTY to get glossy hair 
➂Details of esthetics
➃How to care at home 
➅How to make a reservation

➀ What damages your hair?

  • 1. Alkaline components contained in drugs

  • The alkaline ingredients contained in the chemicals open the cuticles on the surface of the hair, causing the nutrients in the hair to escape. If you repeatedly color and perm your hair in a short period of time without proper treatment, the damage will become serious.

  • 2. heat pain

  • Excessive heat to the protein, moisture, and oil contained in the hair causes heat denaturation of the protein, making the hair stiff. In addition, the moisture and oil content is lost, the texture becomes stiff, and the hair becomes unmanageable.

  • 3. pain from friction

  • Repeated use of curling irons or sleeping without drying properly can cause cuticles to peel off or twist due to friction with pillows, resulting in a rough texture.

  • 4. pain from UV rays

  • UV rays can cause hair to dry out, lose strength, lose pigment and luster. Exposure to UV rays while your hair is wet accelerates the oxidation of your hair, making it even more damaged.


➁What to do with COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY to get glossy hair

  • 1. hair detox    

  • Hair detox using herbal essence removes the harmful substances such as silicon, polymer, and iron that remain in the hair that cannot be removed by daily shampoo alone. By performing a hair detox, the treatment ingredients will be absorbed well and the treatment effect will be doubled.

  • 2. head spa   

  • It is said that one of the causes of hair damage is the deterioration of the scalp environment and poor blood circulation in the scalp. The cleansing used in the head spa removes lipid peroxide clogged in the pores, and the massaging and loosening spa promotes blood circulation and improves the scalp environment, which leads to the improvement of the next hair growth.

  • 3. power steam 

  • We use our unique power steam for color, perm, treatment, etc. Nano-sized steam of 100% pure active water that has undergone electrical processing penetrates the chemical immediately into the hair. In addition, the latent heat of steam reduces the waiting time for chemicals by half, reducing damage to the hair and scalp.

  • 4. ZERO system

  • Alkaline ingredients and hydrogen peroxide contained in color and perms damage hair. If you don't treat it properly, it will remain in your hair even after you get home, and it will continue to damage your hair. Therefore, by decomposing and neutralizing organic ionized minerals, residual alkali from coloring and perms is detoxified. In addition, the herb containing high concentrations of catalase enzyme and SOD enzyme decomposes and removes hydrogen peroxide water during coloring and perming, removes active oxygen, and does not leave unnecessary things on the hair, reducing damage to the hair. will be reduced.

  • 5. hair beauty salon 

  • A maximum of 24 types of amino acids necessary for hair penetrate into the hair and stay inside the hair by performing a heat treatment that does not damage the hair. A unique cuticle treatment prevents the outflow of nutrients and creates a soft texture.



③ Contents of hair quality improvement beauty treatment salon

  • 1. Consultation   (hair quality, scalp condition check, personal diagnosis by interview)

  • 2. Hair detox     (removal of impurities inside the hair)

  • 3. Massage head spa  (improvement of scalp environment)

  • 4. Hair beauty salon       (improve hair quality with up to 24 kinds of amino acids)

  • 5. Maintenance cut   (cutting of damaged hair tips and silhouette correction)

  • 6. After-sales follow-up    (maintenance method at home)



➃ Care instructions at home

  • 1. daily shampoo 

  • Some shampoos are too strong to cleanse. . Recently, there are many good products that you can buy at supermarkets and pharmacies, but most of the shampoos that COCKNEY HAIR&BEAUTY uses are rich in nutrients for your hair. . The scent also changes, so it may be good for a change of mood.                

  • 2. Intensive home care once every 3 days

  • Repairing ingredients derived from meadowfoam oil, which has a high moisturizing effect, penetrate deep into the hair and fill it with moisture. In addition to repairing hair damage caused by UV rays and external factors, it also softens the decline in treatment effects due to heat from dryers and curling irons, and effectively maintains the finish of salon treatments.

  • 3. how to brush

  • Brushing has a positive effect on the hair and scalp, such as removing dirt and dust from the hair, stimulating the scalp to promote blood circulation, and trimming the cuticle to make the hair shiny. Brush from the root to the tip along the cuticle. At this time, do not try to force the tangles in your hair, but gently and slowly comb your hair. Once the brush can pass through smoothly, gently stimulate the scalp from the hairline of the forehead to the back of the head.

  • 4. how to dry

  • How to use the dryer The heat of the dryer can cause damage. So keep the hair dryer and hair about 10 cm apart. Dry the roots first. Next, the cuticle goes from the root to the tip of the hair, so dry from the root to the tip. Instead of concentrating the dryer on one point, it is better to apply it while shaking the dryer to scatter the wind. The ends of the hair are damaged and dry easily, so dry them last. Finally, stop when the hair is 80 to 90% dry to avoid overdrying.




There is no end to glossy hair. It is not something that can be managed with just one or two treatments, the most important thing is to continue.

In order to be reborn as a beautiful figure, we will do the best treatment for you and support you with all our might. Would you like to take the first step to the beautiful hair of the future together?

・Esthetic course

⑥ How to make a reservation


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